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My mission is to provide an environment for those who want to become strong and independent life-long learners.

I am interested in hearing about great ideas and providing the environment and support in which you can pursue them. This maybe during your time working within my group but it could also mean preparing you for life once you leave.

I want to empower you to pursue ambitious research by identifying subject matters that stimulate you and providing the tools to critically evaluate and self-direct your own work.

The greatest difference makers in society will ultimately be those who continually strive for excellence. I have been fortunate to share in the journeys of many talented individuals already and I would be interested in hearing from you about we could work in partnership to develop your goals.

Christopher Yau

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

[10 November 2018] Three postdoctoral positions will soon be available for researchers interested in statistical machine learning based in Birmingham and at the Alan Turing Institute. Contact the Group Leader for details.


Admissions are currently being taken through the following study programmes, please see the websites for more details:

Potential applicants are encouraged to speak to the Group Leader before making applications.