The OPTIMAL study is three-year study funded by the NIHR AI for Multimorbidity and is a collaboration with the Universities of Birmingham and St Andrews with CPRD and University Hospitals Birmingham.

In this study our group will develop novel artificial intelligence technologies to study electronic health records of individuals with two or more conditions known as “complex multimorbidity”.

Our aim is to:

  1. Find the mix of diseases and drug treatments that interact over time to worsen or improve a patient’s health.
  2. Predict the next disease that people might develop.
  3. Find drugs that help more than one disease.
  4. Work with patients, the public and health professionals to produce computer programs to help doctors improve the choice of drugs in patients with cMM.
Christopher Yau
Professor of Artificial Intelligence

I am Professor of Artificial Intelligence. I am interested in statistical machine learning and its applications in the biomedical sciences.