The Great UK PhD Data Science Survey

What am I doing? My name is Christopher Yau and I am Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford and Health Data Research UK. I am carrying out a survey of UK PhD students who are working in any area of data science and I need your help! We hope to get survey responses from over 300 PhD students so please help us by sparing 10-15 minutes of your time to answer some questions.


Congratulations to PhD student Dominic Danks whose paper Derivative-Based Neural Modelling of Cumulative Distribution Functions for Survival Analysis has been accepted for presentation at AISTATS 2022.

Group relocation to Oxford.

Christopher Yau will be relocating to the Big Data Institute at the University of Oxford in February 2022 to take up a position as Senior Research Fellow between the Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health and the Nuffield Department of Population Health. Future recruitment to the group for postdocs and students will be via the University of Oxford.

NeurIPS 2021 Success - Multi-Facet Clustering Variational Autoencoders

Christopher Yau has supported Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) PhD students Fabian Falck and Haoting Zhang in the development of work that has now been published as a paper at the NeurIPS 2021 conference. The work entitled Multi-Facet Clustering Variational Autoencoders is a novel class of variational autoencoders with a hierarchy of latent variables, each with a Mixture-of-Gaussians prior, that learns multiple clusterings simultaneously, and is trained fully unsupervised and end-to-end.

ICML 2021

Congratulations to PhD student Dominic Danks whose paper BasisDeVAE: Interpretable Simultaneous Dimensionality Reduction and Feature-Level Clustering with Derivative-Based Variational Autoencoders. has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference for Machine Learning 2021.


Congratulations to PhD student Woojung Kim whose will presenting his work on “Learning multimorbidity and its temporal dynamics with the Wright-Fisher Indian Buffet Processs” at the EcoStat 2021 and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis World Meeting 2021 conferences.

HDRUK-Turing PhD programme

The Wellcome Trust have funded a new HDRUK-Turing Wellcome PhD programme in Health Data Science which will be jointly directed by Christopher Yau. Applications for entry October 2020 coming soon.