NeurIPS 2021 Success - Multi-Facet Clustering Variational Autoencoders

Christopher Yau has supported Health Data Research UK (HDRUK) PhD students Fabian Falck and Haoting Zhang in the development of work that has now been published as a paper at the NeurIPS 2021 conference. The work entitled Multi-Facet Clustering Variational Autoencoders is a novel class of variational autoencoders with a hierarchy of latent variables, each with a Mixture-of-Gaussians prior, that learns multiple clusterings simultaneously, and is trained fully unsupervised and end-to-end. Chris, who directs the HDRUK PhD programme, writes about the work of the students in this blog.

Christopher Yau
Professor of Artificial Intelligence

I am Professor of Artificial Intelligence. I am interested in statistical machine learning and its applications in the biomedical sciences.