EP-653 Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis using Machine Learning: A Systematic Review

Derivative-Based Neural Modelling of Cumulative Distribution Functions for Survival Analysis

Multi-facet clustering variational autoencoders

Neural decomposition: Functional anova with variational autoencoders

BasisVAE: Translation-invariant feature-level clustering with Variational Autoencoders

Bayesian statistical learning for big data biology

Augmented ensemble mcmc sampling in factorial hidden markov models

Probabilistic Boolean Tensor Decomposition

MixDir: scalable Bayesian clustering for high-dimensional categorical data

The Hamming ball sampler

Testing and learning on distributions with symmetric noise invariance

Bayesian Boolean matrix factorisation

Statistical inference in hidden Markov models using k-segment constraints

Hamming ball auxiliary sampling for factorial hidden Markov models

A sequential algorithm for fast fitting of Dirichlet process mixture models

A decision-theoretic approach for segmental classification

Bayesian non-parametric hidden Markov models with applications in genomics

Comparing CNV detection methods for SNP arrays

Contents Vol. 123, 2008

CNV discovery using SNP genotyping arrays

Author Index Vol. 123, 2008

Quantitative image analysis of chromosome dynamics in early Drosophila embryos

Bayesian Hidden Markov Models for Detecting Regions of Deletion and Duplication in the Human Genome using Illumina BeadChip Arrays

Systematic Proteome analysis of breast cancer cell lines